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Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association

Meeting Location / Time

bulletFirst Tuesday of the month at 5:00 PM in the LV Community Center or Senior Center. Check Meeting Agenda, email or call an officer or check newspaper for any last minute changes.

Mission Statement

bulletProvide a forum for discussion and action on important community issues – promote infrastructure improvements – work with County and developers to promote development that is both “economic” and compatible with our rural lifestyle, environment and resource availability.

Quote from Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws:

The specific purpose of this corporation is to encourage and facilitate activities that improve the economic viability of this community, provide a forum for guidance and support, to give opportunities to inform, and to seek funding from local, state and federal government and from foundations for the improvement of our community. The grants or loans will be used entirely for projects which are of both short and long-term benefit to the community of Lucerne Valley.


bulletPresident, Chuck Bell
bulletVice President, Richard Selby
bulletSecretary, Linda Gommel
bulletTreasurer, David Rib
bulletDavid Rader
bulletChuck Rader
bulletErnie Gommel

Contact for more information

bulletJean Magee 760-248-6060
bulletChuck Bell   chuckb@sisp.net

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