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Why Germany is the favourite

Who will get the European Football Championship 2024? Germany and Turkey are bidding, and the DFB can look forward to winning. The most important questions and answers concerning the European Championship voting.

Germany or Turkey – on Thursday a decision will be made in Nyon, Switzerland, as to who will host the 2024 European Football Championship. The DFB has chosen the application for the „lighthouse project“, so the height of the fall would be all the greater if one were not awarded the contract against all expectations. Everything you need to know about this voting day can be found here.

Who will decide on Thursday?

The Uefa Executive Committee will decide on the organisation of the European Championship in six years‘ time. It consists of 20 people, but DFB President Reinhard Grindel and the Turkish representative Servet Yardimci are excluded from the vote as biased. Since the Swede Lars-Christer Olsson is seriously ill and will probably not be able to appear, 17 voting members remain. In the event of a stalemate, Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin will decide the vote with his vote.

Both delegations will present their applications again on Thursday before the vote takes place. According to Uefa, the decision will be announced no earlier than 14.45 hrs. The delegations have to do without support from politics, culture or entertainment, this is forbidden by the rules. So it’s different from when the 2006 World Cup was awarded, when the DFB made a huge bow wave with Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Claudia Schiffer. Instead, Reinhard Grindel, national coach Joachim Löw and delegation leader Philipp Lahm must now ensure glamour. But those were different times anyway, and that’s a good thing in view of the circumstances under which the tournaments were held back then.
Why are there only two applicants?

Only Germany and Turkey have officially applied. The DFB had already advanced in 2013, the then president Wolfgang Niersbach announced the application at the DFB Bundestag. After the World Cup success in 2014, the European Championship application was handled by the association with the highest priority. Turkey followed suit later, only applying officially in 2017. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented: „We are always ready to host any sporting event.

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Who has the better chances?

The favourite role is clearly played by Germany. Although the association’s vest has been clearly stained by the summer fairy tale affair and the Mesut Özil case, Germany will vote as the probable winner at the latest after last Friday, when the Uefa evaluated both candidacies and gave the DFB significantly better marks. This does not mean, however, that you will be the sure winner in the vote. It is still top football officials who vote there. You never know about them.

What are Germany’s strengths?

Germany already has the infrastructure for such a tournament. The stadiums are in good condition, there is little need for retrofitting. The German arenas also offer significantly more spectator space than the Turkish arenas, which also have to be partially built. The economic and currency crisis in Turkey also plays into the cards of the DFB. When it comes to economic issues and money, football officials usually react sensitively.

And where is Turkey at an advantage?

At least pro forma when it comes to money. Erdogan has promised Uefa tax exemption and that there will be no rent for the stadiums. The DFB does not want to guarantee both to the Uefa’s displeasure, but the Germans doubt whether Turkey will be able to keep these promises in view of the bleak economic situation. Turkey has already applied in vain three times and is insisting that it is its turn at last. This could play a role in the vote – with this argument, for example, the South Korean Pyeongchang was finally awarded the Winter Games in 2018. In addition, Turkish politicians have been pleased to refer to the racism debate in Germany in recent months. The role played by the DFB in this debate has really not made any use of its application. SuperCasino’s welcome offer is that it is quite balanced and suitable for all types of players.